So you’ve woken up the kids for School on Monday morning. You know full well, they’ve slept late on Friday and Saturday and just didn’t want to sleep on Sunday…


The kids are moaning and don’t want to go School. ARGH… Your husband has long departed for work… No help forthcoming…Slowly the kids drag themselves to the bathroom, freshen up and make their way to the kitchen…… One child has misplaced homework, the other has a mix match of socks.

Who’d be a mother???

You’ve prepared a simple breakfast…However, the kids start annoying themselves and you have to threaten them with ‘I’m going to tell your Dad!’ The cereal has gone soggy, the kids don’t want to eat. You have to resort to treating them as if they are members of the Suffragettes.

You quickly make their sandwiches by bringing together whatever you can get your hands on. You proceed to fill lunchboxes with the food and drink required through the day.
You have to drag them to School before you hear the dreaded bell that signals the start of the day.. You don’t want be reminded again about their punctuality record from the schools’ senior management team.

Relief descends, quickly followed by peace.  Well, for a few hours until they return.
The day goes faster than you expected….

HORROR strikes, as you’ve picked them up…

The sandwiches you’ve expertly prepared during the hectic morning have now come back!!! Kids too busy playing at Lunchtime to eat. What now???

At home we have a policy of ensuring the kids eat to their packed lunch.

They cannot eat whatever has been prepared for tea without firstly eating their leftover lunch. Sandwiches don’t store well and they will undoubtedly be soggy, So how I do i proceed??

Simply use a hot griddle pan to breath new life into the soulless leftovers.


Enjoy the crisp, charred sandwiches.

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