Toro’s Steakhouse, Leicester

After a long day at a Conference we finally made it to Leicester’s famous Toro’s Steakhouse.



IMG_20151114_204809We were well received and seated immediately. Although the Steakhouse was packed to the rafters, with diners. Toro’s has a relaxed almost casual atmosphere with painted pictures of the various steak cuts and a guide to the Steak cooking colour guide.

Looking at the pictures of medium cooked steaks with its glorious pink interior, I was mildly optimistic.






Chicken wings served with Toro’s Marinated sauce.. Cooked well to the bone with a spicy zesty glaze. I took issues with the size of the wings.. All the wings were the cheaper wingettes with wing tips and not the larger more expensive drumette.


To the main attraction: Steaks

We ordered 6 steaks. A mixture of T-Bone, Sirloin and Rump steaks. (£11-£14 each steak)
Even though I had orthodox and conservative Gujarati diners with me, we requested that the steaks were cooked medium..  The steaks were served on a cast iron sizzling platter with chips and either pasta or rice.


The special steak was cooked to medium as requested.. We found the steaks had a slight vinegary or over peppery aftertaste and the meat was slightly grainy.

IMG_20151114_201724The Rump steak was over cooked and most of my colleagues found it too dry and totally underwhelming.

One of the T-Bones had a slight pink tinge to it. Although it was quite thin and very grainy with chewy bits of gristle.


Medium Cooked Steak


The pasta and chips sides were bog-standard ordinary. The rice was a soggy, lumpy conglomeration of poor quality broken rice and vegetables. We had requested some of our steaks to be topped with jalapenos and melted cheese!! Unfortunately, our steaks were served with neither!! Our helpful waitress realised this immediately and bowls of each topping were promptly sent to our table, although the damage was done!!

The quality of the Beef served at Toro’s is not premium (What would you expect at this low price point). The cooking of the steaks was inconsistent and this was ultimately demonstrated in the dining experience.

Overall, I left Leicester with a sense of injustice of overcooked steaks and insufficient sides. I think a remedial visit to Cona, Bradford is now due!


Halal Status: HMC Approved

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2 Responses to Toro’s Steakhouse, Leicester

  1. Britpakgirl November 16, 2015 at 5:39 pm #

    How disappointing…that pasta looks really unappetising!

  2. Joe December 29, 2017 at 10:02 pm #

    Such a poor dining experience. The food, service and people there really let the place down

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