The Gourmet Hut II (TGH 2, The Return)

DSC_0024Six months after my initial visit, I decided to visit The Gourmet Hut again for my post-inspection visit! As I was going with a group of teachers, I decided to give an afternoons notice!!
The setting remains the same small, warm and cosy place with low slung pendent lighting and comfortable seating, studded with painted coins.


Muddy Fries; Home cut chips with a generous topping of beef mince, jalapenos and melted cheese. The addition of the ‘twice fried’ cut chips had elevated this dish to another level.

Buffalo Soldiers; Large whole chicken wings (Drumette, Wingette and Tip) drenched in a homemade buffalo sauce. I found the wings slightly overcooked and the sauce a little too sweet for my liking. I prefer wings to have a subtle sweetness, with a definite chilli kick. My colleagues seemed to enjoyed the wings. I guess its just the way it goes!!


Muddy Fries


Buffalo Soldiers

Loaded Potato Skins; There’s a noticeable improvement here. The skins have been ‘loaded’ with more fillings with roasted red pepper, jalapeno and turkey bacon.

Hot Dogs: Chicken Sausage served in a soft and shiny brioche roll served with fried onions. Topped with mustard and ketchup, my colleagues seemed to like the hot dogs, I feel that the quality of the sausage must improve to move the hot dog into ‘Gourmet’ range of products.


Loaded Potato Skins


Hot Dog

I got the TGH Big Brunch burger, I requested the burger to be served medium with a good level of seasoning. Thats exactly what I got. The burger was cooked perfectly medium and was juicy and not dried out patty I found on my previous visit. The egg had a lovely runny yolk and it added to breakfast themed burger. The brioche bun was soft and buttery.

DSC_0021 DSC_0023
My colleagues got the Firecracker, and unlike my previous encounter is was fiery hot even for a native Indian!! Others received the TGH special with a double patty, which they struggled to complete and had to finish for additional homework! I didn’t hear many complaints, which is rare our staff meals!!
Overall, I am pleased with what was at offer today. If you’re looking for HMC approved Gourmet burgers then you can’t go much awry with a Gourmet Hut burger. I even had an informal chat with the owner and main chef!! and gave my suggested improvements, aged beef, beef bacon, pulled beef. We also made it clear that consistency is king in the food trade!!

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