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Foodie Chief’s Snow Crab Consommé

This next instalment of my seafood odyssey brings me to this healthy snow crab recipe. These crabs are caught from the unforgiving Icy corridors in the North Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I became fascinated with this clawed delicacy after watching The Hunt for Snow Crab: Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel. This is an ideal dish […]

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Sizzling Sea Bass by FoodieChief

In this next sea food adventure, we have a simple fool proof dish that will impress your friends and family. As you have seen from my previous recipe, I really love of seafood and I could eat the following dish 3 times a week and still want more! Firstly, its important you purchase fresh sea bass […]

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Garlic King Prawns in Lemon Butter with a Kick of Chilli!

  Greetings, Inshallah this is the first of many posts I am able to share with you. Before we progress I would like to thank HaloodieFoodie for allowing me the opportunity to use this fantastic forum. At this point it would be appropriate to put my culinary journey into context. In 1987, I moved away from home […]

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