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Win a Smoked Iftaar at Team Haloodiefoodie HQ

The month of Ramadhan is upon us again. To commemorate the start of the blessed month, Team Haloodiefoodie are opening up our home to invite two fortunate foodies to break their fast with indulgent 10-hour smoked Aberdeen Angus Aged Beef Ribs from Hill Farm Finest. To enter the competition all you have to do is the following: 1) […]

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Mark-Et, Antalya, Turkey

  During my recent visit to Turkey, we visited Antalya bazaar. The men of the household very quickly decided to make a strategic retreat and leave our wives to the insane bartering of the market.  Whilst Mrs Haloodiefoodie happily spent our hard earned cash, my thoughts turned to the picture a friend posted  of his KFC Triple Zinger Burger!  After […]

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Brioche Burger

  Brioche Burger is yet another Gourmet Burger Outlet in East London’s saturated Gourmet Burger scene. However, its USP is the fact that its the first and only HMC approved Gourmet Burger Outlet serving Dry Aged Aberdeen Angus Beef in London. I was kindly invited to sample the new menu with other halal food bloggers a few […]

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