Red Iron Burgers, Uxbridge, London


The Red Iron Signature Burger

I’ve heard wonderful things about Red Iron Burgers via the Best Halal burger in the world group on Facebook.

When a work meeting came up in West London, I had an additional excuse to make the long trek along the North Circular and the infamous A40.

Two weeks prior to my visit I stumbled across the Red Iron review by the Halal Food Guy and became quite apprehensive about my proposed visit.

Did Red Iron have an off day?

Has their standards dropped?

I also consulted Halal Girl About Town’s wonderful blog. I was still undecided.

However, after some persuasion from a knowledgeable source, I decided to stick to my original plan and met up with some friends in Ealing (including a blind burger date! Dont ask!).

Red Iron is situated on Uxbridge High Street, conveniently close to Uxbridge Tube station. As I was driving, I parked in the Intu Uxbridge Shopping Centre (formally known as Chimes) for a very reasonable price.

The manager noticed us taking pics outside and quickly ushered us in! I met the owner of another Halal Gourmet Burger joint at Red Iron!! He recognised the HaloodieFoodie from the FatBurger opening. This coincidental meeting filled my foodie conscience with confidence. We were seated immediately and surveyed the menu. We ordered BBQ and Buffalo wings, which soon arrived piping hot.


BBQ Wings


Buffalo Wings

The BBQ wings were sweet and smokey and the Buffalo Wings were tangy with spicy kick, pretty standard flavours done reasonably, but not exceedingly well.

One of my diners is from Lancashire and the thought of having medium cooked beef patties excited him as much as seeing dark clouds approaching. After some HaloodieFoodie ‘Arm-Twisting’, the Southern Softies managed to coerce him into trying Medium cooked patties for the first time.


The Red Iron Signature burger

The Red Iron Signature burger oozing cheese, garlic mayo, caramelised onions, jalapenos, red onion, lettuce and tomato. It was served with rustic hand cut chips. The patty was cooked perfectly medium, juicy and succulent, the brioche bun absorbed the juices well without breaking up. I’m not a great chips fan, but I enjoyed the hand cut rustic chips, which had a slight hint of beefiness and were nice and crispy. The quality of beef patty was apparent from the first bite, it was seasoned well and I noted that my ‘Northern’ compatriot declared that it was the best burger he’s EVER eaten.


As a massive cheese fan and I opted for a personalised Bacon and Blue Cheese burger.


It didn’t disappoint, the Blue Cheese and Turkey bacon combination worked well together. The buttery, sharp cheese with the smoky aftertone of the bacon, alongside a patty immaculately cooked to medium! I ordered sweet potato fries, but the hand cut rustic fries turned up. After notifying the waitress, the manager apologised for his error and promptly came over with a free batch of crunchy Sweet potato fries. #nomDSC_0125

Overall, we all enjoyed our visit to Red Iron Burger, it most certainly ranks as one of the better burgers I have eaten to date. If you in West London and would like medium cooked burgers made from quality ingredients, Red Iron is a hard choice to beat. I was very surprised to see the owner of a renowned competitor dining at Red Iron and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Actions speak louder than words!

Halal Status verified by owners.

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