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Adana Kebab are a staple in many of Stoke Newington’s numerous Turkish Mangal (BBQ) and Ocakbasi (Open Grill)  Restaurants. The delightful smell of grilled meats have made me drool even when walking to pray at the famous Aziziye Mosque. (Most challenging during our summer fasts). The fact that this place of worship has a Mangal restaurant and a butcher tells you about the culinary link that Turkey has with food!! Istanbul was and still is the spice capital of the world!! It’s where Europe meets Asia and where foodies rejoice at the fusion of Central Asian, Greek, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Caucasian Cuisine.

No wonder I decided to research the recipe!! I was also fortunate enough to pick the brain of a friend who owned an Ocakbasi restaurant!! Living in Stoke Newington, this is the only recipe that came to mind when deciding on my first live Youtube broadcast.

For 1kg Kebabs (Makes approx 20 Kebabs)

1 Kg Lamb Mince (Min 80:20 Meat to Fat Ratio).  Erratum...  I’ve spoken to my Turkish butcher, they supply 60:40 Meat to Fat ratio mince to the local Turkish Ocakbasi restaurants!!
15g salt (1.5%)
1 Coarsely chopped Medium Red Pepper
4 tablespoons Urfa Pepper (ISOT)
4 tablespoons Sumac
2 tablespoons Ground Cumin
1 cup of coarsely chopped Parsley.

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients until the kebab mix sticks to your hand. The mixture should become sticky and the fat will coat the side of the mixing bowl.

Although, the experience was quite nerve wracking, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and was astounded with the feedback Team Haloodiefoodie received.

After taking live questions about grilling the kebabs, we decided to make a short video covering cooking with charcoal, kebab grilling technique and removing the grilled kebabs from the skewers.

I hope you enjoyed our first foray into live streaming and I hope you also get the opportunity to try out this amazing recipe.

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