Five Lads Peri Peri, Leyton, London

Whilst returning from an exhausting day shopping at Westfield Stratford City, 5 members of Team HaloodieFoodie decided to stop off at Leyton’s uniquely named Five Lads Peri Peri!!


We arrived at around 7.30pm and the restaurant was brimming with diners and a queue of expectant people formed quite rapidly. The décor is modern and fresh, perfect for casual dining. Due to the sheer volume of people, the tables were quite tightly packed in places, and our team was squashed in between a group of teenagers! After a wait for around 20 minutes, we were seated. We had pre ordered our food whilst queuing and it soon arrived.


Starters included an order of 12 Chicken wings, which were covered in a hot, tangy and spicy peri peri sauce. The chicken, whilst moist and succulent, was overpowered by the amount of sauce, especially considering the size of the chicken pieces. Perhaps less would have been more, and allowed true appreciation of both the chicken and the marinade.


Gourmet Beef Burger £3.79

Mains ordered included the ‘gourmet’ beef burger – this was accompanied by a soft brioche bun, and the classic salads, lettuce,  red onion and a thick tomato slice, topped off with mayonnaise. The beef was of good quality, meaty and well seasoned.


However, the size of the patty was a little too small and was overcooked, resulting in a dry burger, which could have benefited from the additions of further condiments such as aioli or blue cheese sauce. However, I am acutely aware that this is a Peri Peri chicken joint and this is probably not Five Lads speciality, so for a £3.79 burger, this was a very decent attempt.


Chicken Breast Burger £3.49

It’s not often that I enjoy a chicken breast burger more than the beef. It was certainly the case in Five Lads. This burger was also served in a brioche bun and came with freshly cut tomato and lettuce. Additionally, the chicken breast burger came with a hot and spicy peri peri sauce. Much like Nandos, you can select the heat level to your liking.The chicken breast was cooked well, retaining some moisture, resulting in a luscious piece of meat, which is quite an effort considering the size of the chicken breast in the burger. The addition of Peri Peri sauce ensured that this formidable chicken piece was not bland and every morsel was packed with intense flavour.


Whole Peri Peri Chicken. £9.99 As part of a platter inc 2 sides and a Drink

To go to Five Lads and not order a whole peri peri chicken would be in our eyes, a travesty, for this was the star of the show. The Peri Peri chicken was served piping hot, it was tender to the bone. The fiery sauce was zingy, but unlike the wings it was not overpowering. The chicken was not overly charred and was still juicy inside. At less than £10 for a Whole Chicken platter with two sides and drink, it is definitely tremendous value for money and worth a visit for this alone.

Five Lads Peri Peri, 308 High Road Leyton, London E10 5PW

Halal Status: HMC approved

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  1. Britpakgirl June 5, 2015 at 8:25 pm #

    I would go here just because of the name ‘Five Lads’! Clever marketing, and cheap and cheerful food. There is a Five Guys near me which is not halal so this looks very desirable!

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