Brioche Burger


Cojack Burger

Cojack Burger

Brioche Burger is yet another Gourmet Burger Outlet in East London’s saturated Gourmet Burger scene. However, its USP is the fact that its the first and only HMC approved Gourmet Burger Outlet serving Dry Aged Aberdeen Angus Beef in London. I was kindly invited to sample the new menu with other halal food bloggers a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule I was unable to visit until more recently. Many of my fellow bloggers have reviewed Brioche already, so for the sake of brevity I’m going to keep this review concise.

Cojack burger. 21 Day aged Angus Beef.

The burger patty was cooked medium as requested. It was juicy and had a good level of caramelisation on its outer crust. The quality of the patty was apparent especially via the umami meatiness from the Aged Angus. Both patty and bun held together well. The Turkey Rashers (usually served with Beef bacon) added a little saltiness to the burger to offset the sweetness of the sauce and tomato.


Lone Ranger Burger

Lone Ranger Burger

Lone Ranger Burger

This 21 day aged beef burger was also cooked medium, served with crispy fried onions, American Cheese and BBQ sauce. The younger members of Team Haloodiefoodie enjoyed the Lone Ranger. However, Mrs Haloodiefoodie found the BBQ sauce a little too sweet for her liking. I totally agreed with her, as I have learnt (the hard way) to seldom disagree with the Boss!. We concluded the sauce diluted the taste of the Beef.

Dry Aged Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak


We also had the opportunity to sample the Aged Sirloin Steaks. Although the steak had a flavoursome crust, it was drier than I prefer, I enjoy my steaks medium. The aged steaks are a work in progress and I gave the manager my recommendations for further improvements including choices of accompaniments.

Credit to Brioche Burger, they are listening to the the consumer and raising the level of the humble burger joint. Add HMC certification into the equation and you have the makings of a winning formula. I look forward to seeing further development of Brioche in the coming months.

Halal Status: HMC Approved

The aged beef burgers are currently high demand yet limited supply items at Brioche. Please ring ahead to confirm availability and avoid disappointment.

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