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This cosy restaurant is situated in the Little Germany area of Bradford, a corner of Bradford fast becoming a niche in excellent culinary delights. Our previous attempt at dining at Bangkok Thai was thwarted by the snow. After a busy day at work and another cold evening in Yorkshire, I needed a boost to end the day.

We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted with a warm welcome by our host. Shown to our table and quickly presented with Khow Kreb Tod (Prawn Crackers served with a sweet chilli sauce). The evening had started very well and it was very evident how this restaurant was efficiently operating.

The menus were handed out, now to the difficult task of selecting what to enjoy for our evening meal! Serving only halal meats and no pork on the menu was a real bonus. I have been enjoying Chinese food for a long time and I was facinated by the contrast that Thai food would bring.

For our starters we opted for: Satay Gai, Tod Mun Pla and Tum Yum with prawns.

Satay Gai

FoodieChief Satay Gai

These are succulent marinated chicken on skewers, grilled and served with a pickled salad and peanut sauce. The chicken was perfectly cooked still moist with a velvety texture and just melted in the mouth, along with the salad and the peanut sauce this is a very good entree.

Tod Mun Pla

FoodieChief Tod Mun Pla

Tender fish cakes – blended with a red curry paste, green beans and lime leaves. Served with an amazing sweet chilli sauce with grounded peanut sauce. These fish cakes are very tasty, soft and a texture that could easily fools ones pallet into thinking that you are eating something other than fish. The blend of the ingredients is just perfect and they seamlessly complement each other to make this starter just impeccable.


Tom Yum – Prawns

FoodieChief Prawn Tom Yum

Over the years I have tried on many occasions to make the perfect Tom Yum soup and each time you try you learn how to get that perfect balance of the sweet, sour, bitter and the saltiness. The Tom Yum presented to us was just flawless including prawns cooked to perfection. A good choice of starters to get us in the mood for the main course…..!

Prawn Pad Prik

FoodieChief Prawn Prad Prik

Tiger prawns stir fired with red Thai chilli, spring onions, bamboo shoot, carrots and onions, served with egg fried rice. A truly heart-warming dish with crunchy vegetables with the kick of the chilli.


Beef Pad Med Mamuang

FoodieChief Pad Med Mamuang

Finley sliced beef stir fried with pineapple, cashews nuts, carrots, mushrooms and onions, served with egg fried rice. A mild dish that just gels together very well and the cooked pineapple provides the subtle sweetness to lift this dish.


Chicken Gang Panaeng

FoodieChief Pad Mee Bangkok

A rich coconut curry cooked with peppers and lime leaves served with egg fried rice. The chicken cut into thin slices and the rich sauce and the hint of the lime leaves worked very well for this dish.

Chicken Pad Mee Bangkok

FoodieChief Gang Panaeng

Thinly sliced chicken with stir fired vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, carrots, peppers and spring onions. A mild dish with stir fried noodles and chicken perfectly cooked.


Sea Bass Pla Neung Manow

FoodieChief Pla Neug Manow

Steamed sea bass fillets with Chinese leaf, lemon, garlic and coriander – topped with a generous helping of Thai birds’ eye chillies – Wow this had a kick and wonderful aroma. Sea Bass cooked to perfection with full of flavour. Watch out for those chillies!

That completes our main course line-up we enjoyed at Bangkok Thai – We had a very pleasant evening enjoying the food. All the dishes were very well presented and thoughtfully put together. The service is very good and I hope to enjoy the other items on the menu soon.

Average cost per main course around £15 per head excluding drinks.

Halal status verified by the owner.

Bangkok Thai, 18 East Parade, Little Germany,
Bradford, BD1 5EE

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    Love the food at Bangkok Thai!

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