Archive | May, 2016

Searing the perfect steak: Haloodiefoodie style

Do you have problems cooking the perfect steak? Are your steaks always overcooked, dry and chewy! I saw a article by Craig ‘Meathead’ Goldwyn about the afterburner method, which involves searing at super high temperatures (400°C+). Meathead’s Afterburner technique achieved a wonderfully caramelised crust, yet a super moist and juicy ‘pink’ centre. Additionally he only used a […]

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Unravelling the Secret of the perfect Gourmet Burger.

Growing up in a fast developing halal scene, I had my fair share of burgers and doner kebabs. The £2 burger and chips craze came, stayed for a while and went… The era of mechanically retrieved, horse DNA infused beef Quarter Pounders is dead. People are now craving for a new breed of burger. They query […]

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