Archive | November, 2015

Toro’s Steakhouse, Leicester

After a long day at a Conference we finally made it to Leicester’s famous Toro’s Steakhouse.   We were well received and seated immediately. Although the Steakhouse was packed to the rafters, with diners. Toro’s has a relaxed almost casual atmosphere with painted pictures of the various steak cuts and a guide to the Steak […]

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Cona, Little Germany, Bradford

I remember the days when TV only had 4 channels and my Sundays rotated around watching Italian football and Masterchef. Each week I would pay scant attention until Lloyd Grossman came to his final long winded conclusion to the show. The winners were announced after the judges had “deliberated, cogitated and digested”.   Thank goodness […]

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Foodie Chief’s Snow Crab Consommé

This next instalment of my seafood odyssey brings me to this healthy snow crab recipe. These crabs are caught from the unforgiving Icy corridors in the North Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I became fascinated with this clawed delicacy after watching The Hunt for Snow Crab: Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel. This is an ideal dish […]

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