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Garlic King Prawns in Lemon Butter with a Kick of Chilli!

  Greetings, Inshallah this is the first of many posts I am able to share with you. Before we progress I would like to thank HaloodieFoodie for allowing me the opportunity to use this fantastic forum. At this point it would be appropriate to put my culinary journey into context. In 1987, I moved away from home […]

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Prashad Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, Drighlington, Suburbian Bradford

Prashad rose to notoriety in 2010 by coming second in Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. This is the first time I’ve visited to the new premises and its much, much bigger than the old restaurant. As you’ll expect, the level of décor has also improved markedly.
Before leaving for Prashad, I was quite apprehensive, my last visit to a pure vegetarian eatery resulted in a quick visit to a famous burger joint on the way home!! If you follow my instagram stream you’ll notice that although i’m a Gujarati by birth I consume loads of meat, I blame my maternal genes. Thanks Mum!!

The full review can be found on my blog

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